We pride ourselves on upholding the highest standards of quality and taste across all our products from Whole chicken, chicken wings, chicken feet, chicken paw, chicken breast, chicken fillet, etc. Even with the best ingredients at our disposal, there’s no formula for magic, no measurement for feeling and no recipe for love.

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The different types of frozen chicken parts that we supply are:

A. Whole chicken. Please indicate the size that you want.
B. Chicken leg quarter/Chicken whole leg
C. Chicken drum stick
D. Chicken thigh
E. Chicken boneless leg
F. Chicken paw
G. Chicken wing tips
H. Chicken 2 joint wing
I. Chicken whole leg boneless with skin on
J. Chicken feet
K. Chicken gizzards
L. Chicken wing middle joint
M. Chicken inner fillet middle half cut
N. Chicken boneless and skinless breast without inner fillet
O. Chicken half breast boneless and skinless without inner fillet
Q. Chicken head
R. Chicken back
S. Chicken front